Are you building—or maintaining?

Our service tiers help businesses run better, grow faster, and go farther than ever before. Change doesn’t just happen—it’s a result of focused, guided practices. Our experts work with HR teams and executives using proven methodologies to help you:

  • Develop a stable and dependable bench of team members ready for greatness

  • Improve engagement and efficiency

  • Retain top performers and encourage the potential in others

  • Ensure firm continuance, leadership, and values

  • Reinforce a developmental, transparent, accountable culture.

3 Tiers, 1 Focus: Success

The Foundations Program: Small-to-Medium Businesses

What are you trying to build?

How you answer this question determines the kind of culture, employees, and growth your organization will have for many years to come. Develop your business’s foundation with performance management, targeted learning opportunities, and organizational development to attract and retain the best talent.

The Next Level Program: SMBs to Mid-Sized Organizations

Would you work for you?

As your business grows, so does the complexity of your questions. Is your culture on the right track? The Next Level Program ensures mid-sized is only the beginning, providing repeatable processes and strategies to recruit the talent your changing business needs now and into the future.

The Expansion Program: Organizations Looking to Pivot or Branch Out

Where Do You Want to Go Next?

Whether you’re changing direction, course correcting or a undergoing a complete systems overhaul, Impart can help you establish new, effective processes, while building new competencies.


Impart Associates uses the proven methods and approach established by the Gallup Builder Initiative and BP10 Assessment. After conducting a thorough study of over 4,000 builders, Gallup was able to objectively identify the talents successful builders possess, as well as which unique behaviors influence business outcomes. The BP10 Assessment takes this knowledge a step further by providing insight into how those talents affect individual employees. The Impart team applies these results to build better, stronger, more successful organizations.


Impart Associates works with higher-education institutions to implement the Gallup’s Future Builders Challenge (FBC). The FBC intentionally identifies and engages a student’s intense builder talents, unlocking their potential and aligning them to a path with the greatest chance of success. This “magnet” initiative attracts and generates mutually beneficial outcomes for all constituencies. We help give your students the best outcome by making sure they have the best start with the goal of lowering drop-out rates and improving the satisfaction of graduates as they enter the adult world.

The Tool box

Our unique process and service offerings draw from a set of professional coaching and consulting tools which include the following:

Performance Management

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  • Standardized Assessments (MBTi, DiSC, Gallup Builder, Gallup Clifton Strengths)

  • Skills Assessments
    OMG Sales Candidate Assessments

  • Competency Assessments; PACE Performance Profiles (Baseball Cards)

  • Coaching: High Potential, Targeted Content, Performance Improvement,

Organizational Development

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  • Incentive Compensation Program Development

  • Strategy Maps / Balanced Scorecard

  • Officer and Principal Goals

  • Succession Planning, Coaching, Succession 9 Box Development,  

  • Job Function / Task Analysis

  • Business Process development

  • Process Automation and Integration

TALENT Development

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  • Gallup’s Future Builder Challenge for Colleges & Universities

  • Engaging People: Leadership Foundations for New Managers

  • Accelerating Practice Development for VPs/Non-Equity Partners

  • Engagement Management for New Team Leaders/Seniors

  • Pathfinder Coaching For Experienced Professionals, Recent Graduates, Succession

  • On-boarding

  • Curriculum by Service Line and Role

  • Active Listening

  • Individual Development Plans (IDP)

  • Facilitation; Small Groups

  • Vendor Selection and Management

  • CPE Compliance; Reporting Budget Management