Growing Revenue Through Partner Programs - Pivotal Corporation

Washington-based Pivotal Corporation’s CRM software solution was a unique and admired product, but needed to grow further. They came to Impart hoping to stabilize and grow the revenue generated by third party sales partners.

Given a set of dissatisfied partners, develop a program that transforms partners to meet and exceed revenue goals.

Impart assessed the situation by interviewing, observing and surveying company employees, existing partners and joint customers. This research helped us to develop an innovative alliance program strategy and business plan, including:

  • A comprehensive partner education program including market, competitive and product positioning, pre-sales technical demonstration skills, and post technical implementation capabilities

  • An educational certification program to incentivize partners to meet specified quality standards

  • An integrated multiple media and delivery systems to establish consistency across internal and external communication

  • Implementation of a consistent set of “Rules of Engagement” to manage conflict between employees and partners

150% of revenue plan in the following quarter.