Increasing Sales 150% Through a New Partner Program - eGain Communications

California-based eGain Communications develops an enterprise customer service and knowledge management platform for online businesses. Impart assisted them in transforming partnerships from a cost to a profit center.

eGain’s failing and neglected partnership program needed a complete overhaul to form a comprehensive alliance strategy generating leads and revenue. Impart was engaged to assess the existing organizational status, analyze competitors, and interview existing dissatisfied or unprofitable partners to build a better program.

Impart developed an alliance program strategy and overall business plan including organization structure, budget development, revenue sharing pricing models, legal agreements, employee banding, and direct / indirect compensation policies. We then carried the program out by creating educational materials and delivering web site content, sales tools, sales training, and technical certification programs.  The team was coached and managed throughout the development of consistent vision, objectives, personal experience, passion, and “hands-on” interaction.

After the successful program implementation, sales grew to $3 million in revenue—an impressive 150% increase in less than 6 months.