51% of US Adults Regret Their Selected College

Degree or Major. -Gallup and the Strada Education Network, 2017

28% of College Students Drop-Out in the First Year.

-National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Success after graduation depends on transforming knowledge into abilities, and the ripple effect impacts everyone involved:

  • Employers are looking to get early access to talent in a competitive labor force.

  • Colleges and universities are being measured on student retention and placement rates post-graduation.

  • Young alumni who cannot find employment in their field become disenchanted and disassociated from their Alma mater, resulting in shrinking endowments.

Gallup’s Future Builders Challenge (FBC) addresses many of these trends by promoting local partnerships between the community, corporations, and higher education. The FBC intentionally identifies and engages an individual’s intense builder talents, unlocking their potential and aligning them to a path with the greatest chance of success. This “magnet” initiative attracts and generates mutually beneficial outcomes for all constituencies.


Impart Associates uses the proven methods and approach established by the Gallup Builder Initiative and BP10 Assessment. After conducting a thorough study of over 4,000 builders, Gallup was able to objectively identify the talents successful builders possess, as well as which unique behaviors influence business outcomes. The BP10 Assessment takes this knowledge a step further by providing insight into how those talents affect individual employees. The Impart team applies these results to build better, stronger, more successful organizations.

Impart Associates’ Future Builders Challenge Includes:

  • 500 Gallup Builders Profile assessment codes

  • 4 – 1-hour Future Builders Challenge Information Sessions

  • Gallup Data Analysis: To identify top 20%by intensity (100 participants)

  • Inspiration Rally for 20%: Group Debriefed, and Recruited to the Workshop

  • Information Session-New Mentors

  • 1.5-day Future Builders Challenge Workshop

  • 4 Gallup trained coaches / facilitators; Supporting 5 teams

  • Participation Experience Feedback

  • Institutional Debrief

  • Program Management

  • Sponsorship Campaign Management

Additional FBC Value:

  • Reputation Boost powered by the integrity of Gallup Data Science and Cross-Promotion with Local Businesses.

  • Real World Workplace and Career Readiness for Students

  • Business Community Sponsorships that Create Job Placement Opportunities for recent grads

  • Alumni Connection and Increased Endowment

  • Attractive to High School Student Candidates


What is a Builder?

A builder is a person who has a natural ability to identify economic demand and make a social impact where none existed before. These individuals aspire to change the world by building new businesses, building teams, or building communities through leadership and involvement. Gallup’s Builder Profile provides definition to these abilities through identifying the existence and intensity of 10 innate talents.

What is the Future Builders Challenge?

The Future Builder Challenge is designed to identify and raise student-awareness of their high leadership and entrepreneurial potential.  Then, a select cohort of students are given an opportunity to experience applying them to solve a real-life issue.

Has any other educational institution held a Future Builder Challenge event?

University of Nebraska Lincoln has committed to the program long term, running the event for several years.  Students can continue their development through integrated into curriculum through both a Management Major with Builder Track or Clifton Builder Minor.(UNL Clifton Builder Program)  In certain circumstances, Impart can arrange a conversation between those considering the FBC with program leaders at University of Nebraska Lincoln.

What are and who benefits?


  • Increases student awareness of their innate talents

  • Give them internal compass by which to guide selection of degree and courses

  • Raise their self-efficacy and confidence; Providing them an opportunity to apply these, other talents and work with a team on real life issues. 


College / University

  • Increases student engagement leading to higher rates of retention and success.

  • Provide an opportunity for Alumni to connect with Students, reconnect to sponsoring College / University

  • Attracts students to the sponsoring College / University



  • Provide sponsors organizations early access to qualified talent

  • Connect students with local, sponsor organizations and businesses for possible internships, and longer-term placement.

What is the cost of the Future Builder Challenge per student?

As planned, there would be no cost to the student as the cost of the program would be covered by the sponsorships.  

With a goal of 20 sponsors, the Program is designed to be cost neutral to the sponsoring College / University.

What is the process of returning the money to them once the sponsors have paid? 

As a partner with Impart, the college or university retains control over all program funds.  They would receive the checks into their Institutional Advancement or Corporate Development office from the Sponsors directly then fund the FBC like any other event.  After reimbursing themselves for the advanced purchased BP10 assessment codes, food & beverage, etc., Impart would invoice the institution for the remaining event management and facilitation services and be paid as any other vendor.

How does Impart ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our student information when soliciting and monitoring the Assessment Completion?

Impart works with each educational institution to understand and ensure compliance with their data privacy policies or desires.  As communication to students and sponsors is critical to the program’s success, Impart and the educational institution will collaborate on the best approach to share contact data and distribute program messaging.  Tactics which Impart may recommend and help execute are:

  • Creating the message and providing it to the educational partner who will distribute, monitor and follow up. 

  • Performing these tasks on campus under the oversight of a college or university liaison.

  • Establishing Kiosks or laptops in a central, campus location for students to learn more about the program, receive assistance and complete the assessment.

Working together with its educational partners, Impart will find a way to effectively get the message out. 

What does Impart know about Higher Education and Career Development?

Eric Imparato, Impart’s founder, has worked in and with Higher Education Institutions such as Boston University, Westfield State, and Nichols College.  He has redesigned curriculum, marketed programs, and recruited students . Through Impart’s Pathfinder success coaching program, he has guided young, unemployed or underemployed, post graduate adults to transition into an entry-level position in the field of their choice through creating and executing a career plan.