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Impart Associates provides the insights, solutions, and execution support to build the people who build great companies.


The impart builder approach:


People are jagged, but great teams are well-rounded. We architect high-performing cultures by putting people where they fit best and working to “sand down” the rough edges.

Employing best practices in procedural review, the Structural Analysis provides an objective perspective of your current capabilities, identifying existing gaps you need to fill, and any additional competencies you need to build or acquire to meet your goals.

Organizational blueprint

The Organizational Blueprint makes the path forward clear and actionable. Impart brings decades of experience, along with proven Gallup methodologies and insights, to tailor a growth strategy for your organization.

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guided construction

Impart ensures accountability by providing continuous guidance and coaching to your team leaders.  We work side by side until the project is complete, adapting to all unforeseen circumstances, to make sure the designed solution stays on track. This agile approach results in farther and faster growth than you ever thought possible.

Our cooperative approach ensures transfer of know how, the development of your internal resources, and the effective and enduring evolution of your organization.

I have rarely worked with such a competent, committed professional. He not only designs thoughtful people strategies; he delivers meaningful results for both individuals and the organization. Eric would be my first call anytime I had a challenging performance and development opportunity.
— John J. Leonard, CPA, Wolf & Company, P.C.
Eric provides advice and inputs on the various issues and topics related to the operations of our business, including insights on handling personnel matters, strategic direction, L&D programs, IDP goals, ICP plans, and caucus-related matters. I find Eric’s advice invaluable, always interesting, a different perspective that is always based on sound behavioral science principles and he conveys his opinions in a non-judgmental and positive way.
— James P. Kenney, CPA, Wolf & Company, P.C.

targeted “goldilockS” programs

The Foundations Program - What are you trying to build?

For Small Businesses, Start Ups, and Solopreneurs

Build your business on a solid foundation. Our Foundations Program establishes a safe, stable, and magnetic culture supported by the Gallup-developed Builder system, based on proven techniques like self schema and advisory boards.

The Next Level Program -  Would you work for you?

For SMB to Mid-Size Organizations

Take your business to the Next Level by ensuring scalability, reinforcing  bench strength, improving employee engagement, and retaining the right talent.

The Expansion Program - Where Do You Want to Go Next?

For Organizations Looking to Pivot or Branch Out

Reach for the stars. Our Expansion Program inspires creativity while building new competencies and supercharging your innovation process.

I have found working with Eric Imparato of Impart Associates to be critical to my career success and stability. I have been able to develop and manage processes to be more consistent, effective, and efficient for the team I lead. Eric’s coaching has enabled me to achieve new levels of self-reliance, clarity, and motivation.
— Judy Dukas, VP of Sales & Alliances, Genesys Software Systems
Through interactive sessions, I have been able to enhance the finite skills that transfer to all settings and presentations. Eric’s approach has certainly helped me focus on the personal connection side of public speaking, which has translated to more “sticking power” in my messages.
— Sean D. Goodwin, Wolf & Company, P.C.

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